What's so great about web3, anyway?

What makes you passionate about where you work? 

Sure, getting paid a good whack is great. But fulfilment comes from loads of different factors that don’t necessarily always come from monetary reward.

Sound like nonsense? Trust us, it’s not. Web3’s a world of opportunity and it’s a great time to dive in. So read on as we tell you a little more about why. 

When chatting with different folks in the space, we’ve noticed a few key themes that matter most to candidates. A lot of people are incentivized by a plethora of advantages and perks in different roles and projects that make jobs more appealing than you may find in other industries.

So here’s a list to help show you what you can expect from a career in web3. And more important, which would mean the most to you. 

Flexible working 

The standard 9-5 is becoming more mundane and doesn't always result in the best results. We talked about this and how autonomy is working so well for Ivan Hong from Request Finance in one of our recent podcasts and you can listen back to that here.  

There are several studies that indicate how more hours do not always result in more output. Remote working means people have the opportunity to complete tasks when it’s right for them. And it seems that freedom is causing an uptick in performance for both employee happiness and employer satisfaction with the teams' results.

Pretty much every web3 company we list on Web3nomads.Jobs are remote-first, so you can see the connection here. 

Continued progression

Web3 is flush with start-ups growing at pace. You’re likely going to be asked to wear many hats that you may not have to slot on at a legacy company.

The potential for new blue chips is being built daily, which is why the space is so exciting to be in right now. 

Doing more means learning more. And learning more means growing more. You know what that equals? Progression! In web3, it happens by default. 

Most people want to be heavily involved in operations and get more from their job than just picking up a cheque. You best believe that’s the case with 95% of web3 companies. 

The majority of our job adverts are looking for candidates that can become an integral part of the growing business structure and those who are keen on growth as part of their role.

Forming direction

Similar to the above, you don't just join a start-up to turn up. Many jobs out there want you to be part of helping shape the company with your work and knowledge base. 

With many web3 start-ups offering token incentives as well as a competitive salary, there is every chance to help the company grow and inadvertently be rewarded for these efforts. Again, check our podcast with web3 recruiter Dean Stallard who discusses exactly this with us

Meaningful work 

Decentralisation is about changing the norm. And in the crypto industry, most people are heavily driven and motivated to achieve just that - decentralisation. By joining a groundbreaking web3 start-up, you’re given the opportunity to help drive real, meaningful technology in arguably the most exciting, emerging industry in the world.


Being part of a well-rounded team with no egos and a shared mentality to achieve success is the driving force behind many web3 companies and employees. If you dislike being micromanaged then we guarantee web3 is for you. Autonomy is king and you’ll be expected to carve your own path at the company or project you join forces with. 

There’s something seriously special about feeling a part of a small team, all working on a collective goal. And web3 has that in abundance. 

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