Introducing Web3nomads

January 1, 2023

So, what's all this about?

In our first blog piece, we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Here we'll take you through why we exist, where the idea came from, and our hopes for the future of the industry. We hope you enjoy the read.

A taste of what’s coming 

Let’s take it from the top. You’ve already arrived on our site, registered the name, wasted at least 40 seconds dragging the globe around and if we’re lucky, have even spent some time digging into our web pages.

It doesn’t take long to get the gist. There are jobs on offer here. Plenty of them, in fact. And they primarily encapsulate web3, DeFi, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the ever-emerging Game-Fi space. 

Oh, and we’re big advocates of flexible working. But more on that later…

Now let’s assume you’re having the following thoughts... Thoughts like: “What’s Web3nomads really about? Is it all crypto? What if I don’t like remote working? I don’t even know how Ethereum works.”

But stay with us for a second because we stand for a whole lot more than that. 

And spoiler alert, you don’t need to be a ‘digital nomad’ or a crypto pro to fit in here. However, if you already are one (or both!) of those things, then we think you’ll like it here.

Our initial idea

As a founding team, we live by the mantra of Web3nomads by name, Web3nomads by nature. 

This site is the brainchild of four guys from different career backgrounds with varying skills and experience, who were ultimately brought together professionally by the power of remote work and web3.

In essence, we, the team, are the ‘nomads’. Because we’re spread across the globe working together in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Sure, we’re big fans of web3 and know a thing or two about the topic. And we understand the potential, benefits and overall thrill of working in the industry because we live it every day. 

We even recognise that there are already well-oiled, strong job boards to find a career in web3. But what if there was a platform that could provide even more value than just job listings? We want to go one more.

Why? Well, what we’re also passionate about is helping others reach their potential and find opportunities who perhaps haven’t considered working within the space. As well as, of course, those who’ve been here a while and share our understanding. 

We want to play our part in helping the space grow in credibility and stature, and bringing in new untapped talent is exactly what’s needed. 

The mating call 

Spend a little more than five minutes online and you’ll stumble across Tweets, articles, headlines and features that will tell you all about how the working world is more miserable than ever. Too many people are dissatisfied with what they spend a third of their life doing.

But that’s a worn-out narrative. It’s the ultimate USP for any recruitment firm. ‘Wake up happy!’, ‘Mondays can be fun!’. We’ve all heard it before. But genuinely, there is some merit in those flags of positivity and overall reason for hope.

Where we come in is to tell you it can be fun and fulfilling, but maybe in an industry that you’d never thought of before. And in a post-COVID world, remote working is here to stay and it’s opening up doors to career paths that weren’t always possible before.

Connecting the dots

Web3nomads is here to connect folk with flexible working and a career in cryptocurrency. Our job is to uncover what makes the crypto industry tick and make noise around what we love so much about working in the space.

Those of you surfing Web3nomads who already work in the industry won’t need to be told, you’re already sitting at the table of the best-kept secret there is. And now you’ve just unearthed the ultimate site for finding your next role. But it’s time to spread the word and onboard new talent so we can all thrive.

We’re on a mission to make it more accessible than ever for people to find a role in crypto. It’s our view that the space will grow in credibility and stature with the more new talent that finds its place here.

As remote working continues to surge, so does crypto. And it just so happens that most jobs and careers within web3 and blockchain technology are in desperate need of remote workers. 

Dispelling some myths

If you’ve gotten this far, but still aren’t convinced. It’s cool, we understand. Years of reading that the crypto industry is a load of nonsense will take some unpacking. The media might tell you it’s silly and in some cases, they’re probably right.

But for the most part, this space is flooded with talent. There is a plethora of genuine, hard-working and incredible brains. Those who are pushing ground-breaking innovation and technology, challenging traditional ways of thinking to build a more sustainable, decentralized and inclusive future. 

And guess what? You could be a part of it. Web3nomads exists to help you find your place. 

Just a dose of reality

We’re not here to tell you that your next job in web3 will mean you’ll swap your Monday morning coffee for a margarita, or that you’ll never feel an ounce of stress or pressure again. 

What we are here to tell you, though, is that you could be taking your skills and experience with you wherever you desire, opening up a world of opportunity along the way.

Make no bones about it, working in crypto is no easy feat. It’s a complex financial ecosystem with high demands and steep learning curves. But it’s financially flush and could allow you to make more time for your own quality of life and work on what flexibility means for you.

To summarize

So let’s wrap this up. In a nutshell, we’re here to promote the web3 space and help it grow, through the power of people and careers.

Web3nomads is a job platform for crypto-natives to link up with their next dream move. To introduce newcomers to an exciting and flexible world of work. And to remove employment borders for busy employers who need to find unique, global and dedicated talent.

Our journey is just beginning and we’re delighted that you’ll be along for the ride.

Grant, Alex, Mike & Ali.

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