Company Spotlight | Gelato Network

March 27, 2023

The Gelato Network team are looking for a Junior Front-end Developer to join their ranks. 

So they joined us on Company Spotlight this week to discuss what working life is like at the project and what the incoming candidate could expect from not only the role but a position within the company.

We were joined by Joe, Head of Talent/HR and Sylvain, the Tech Lead and a Senior Back-end Developer who will be overseeing the the new recruit. 

You can catch a highlight reel of the Big Questions from our conversation on Twitter below, or watch the full clip on Youtube, and Spotify if you’re on the go and want to listen in.

Most importantly, if you’re a Junior Front-End Dev looking to apply, follow this link.

And if you’re more of a listener on-the-go, head to Spotify here.

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