Four steps to become an in demand Solidity developer

July 13, 2023

Despite the bear market, the demand for web3 developers continues to surge unabated. You might also find it unlikely, however true, that the average solidity developer salary has grown in the midst of a lengthy, almost unending bear market when compared to last year. One would naturally expect it to be less, but it isn’t.

The maximum base salary of a solidity developer currently sits at $250k per annum. However, for those starting their journey as junior Solidity developers, the average yearly salary is $55,000, while experienced seniors earn an average of $100,000 annually.

While there is a considerable proliferation of Junior developers, senior developers are becoming increasingly scarce. Due to this, a solution would be for Junior developers to scale and climb the ladders as fast as possible to take advantage of this scarcity. We have outlined 4 ways a Junior developer could become highly sought after. 

Contribute to Open Source Projects 

Building alongside others in an open-source environment is often considered a cheat-code strategy to not just becoming a better developer but also getting noticed as well. Thankfully, most crypto or web3 projects are open-sourced, allowing developers to contribute to their codebase or fork projects. As a junior dev, feel free to build your own solidity-based projects and open access to your codes for other developers. 

Intern under a Senior 

Internships are as old as man, and they also apply in the developer world. Interning under a senior developer can help Junior developers understand Industry best practices, develop experience on real projects, and emulate the ingenuity in the thought process of senior developers, especially when it relates to complex problems. Internships can also serve the purpose of networking,  as a good intern is likely to be referred. 

Participate in Hackathon Events 

Hackathons are a great way to gain experience and stay abreast of a particular field. Junior developers should not shy away from Hacking events as they help boost visibility, sharpen their problem-solving abilities, learn new techniques, and gain hands-on experience in a competitive environment. 

Be open to thought leadership within a community

While many developers prefer to work behind the scenes, it's crucial to recognize that visibility plays a vital role in the growth of junior developers. Embracing thought leadership and staying informed about the latest developments in Solidity and Ethereum is just as important as the skills mentioned earlier.

By actively engaging with the community and staying up-to-date, junior developers can demonstrate their leadership abilities and showcase their quick problem-solving skills.

This active involvement not only positions them as valuable contributors within the community but also helps them establish a reputation as proactive and innovative problem solvers.


Based teams  continue to innovate through the bear market, non-stop. As they forge ahead, there are countless open positions to fill. Our job is to bring you these opportunities, while yours is to continuously make progress in your career in order to join the 1% of higher up echelon earners in the web3 industry.

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