Transferrable Skills To Pay The Bills

February 10, 2023

Transferrable skills is a buzz phrase that's well over-used.

But if you're looking to break into web3, there's every chance you already have some skills to tee you up for success. 

Plenty of start-ups, projects and protocols are looking for people like you to fulfil roles within their teams! So let's have a run through some key areas of expertise that may help you out in your job search.

Basic knowledge of the blockchain and smart contracts

The foundation to it all. Having a fundamental understanding of blockchain and smart contracts is key for a job in web3. 

Decentralization and DeFi continue to grow and are very much at the forefront of this emerging industry, so it's imperative to have such knowledge. You'd be surprised what you could turn your hand to in the non-tech roles just by generally having your head around the core technology. 


Web3 needs developers, good ones. Devs who want to build something other than just a memecoin and rug it for a quick buck. Technical skills are required to build effective programs, dApps and smart contracts, and mathematical expertise when it comes to problem-solving is key. 

Java and programming

Languages such as Javascript, HTML and CSS are needed to build future front-end applications. Even more so Solidity, Rust, Vyper and other smart-contract languages complete the puzzle for building in the web3 space. If you already know one or more programming languages then you're off a flier. 

Equally, if you have spare time to work on new skills, focusing on learning and developing your understanding of said languages could pay dividends when it comes to landing your first web3 role or hopping over to a new one. 

Data and analytics

Data interpretation and analysis to spot trends and patterns is important in helping with decision-making and hypothesises and building a picture of what is occurring in any business to keep it competitive or gain an advantage. Web3 is no different to other industries here. It's a space that's literally built on data and information and therefore these skills almost certainly have a home in the majority of web3 projects. 

Project Management

In web3, PM work is immensely undervalued, frequently overlooked and yet crucially important. Strong PM experience is every bit as integral to a project's success as having technical ability on the books. 

If you have a proven ability to manage projects, deadlines and people to deliver on time and budget then you're in good stead. Far from an easy job, you'll also have to understand some technical aspects but anything takes time. PM work is paramount, especially as expectations become higher with VC investors.

Marketing and Communications

Disseminating information and helping to distribute and demonstrate the product in front of audiences is by no means to be overlooked. 

Marketing is a broad term and is one that's frequently misunderstood in web3. The good news is a marketing/comms role in web3 covers so many different media and strategies that there are massive opportunities for talented individuals to make these roles their own. 


Financial skills 

You’ll find that many of the talented people that drive cutting-edge projects in web3 hail from more traditional financial backgrounds. Otherwise known Trad-Fi, fyi. 

The space, in general, is of course investor-centric, but having a financially sound business acumen can be super effective in giving you an edge when it comes to understanding the pitfalls of Trad-Fi, which ultimately leads to the driving innovation that fuels DeFi. 

The entire point of decentralization is to build on what’s not so great about the current, outdated systems. So if you’re a finance whizz, maybe web3 could be the next exciting stop on your career journey… 

UX/UI Design

CeFi was massive for the web3 space until some of the big players managed to blow up and misuse funds. One thing they did nail, however, was the UX and UI side of things. Strong UX is crucial when it comes to the continued onboarding of non-crypto natives. 

That's because it's so important to normalise the use of complex financial products for those unfamiliar. 


We could really go on all day. But we’ve tried to be brief here. The crux is the pool of skills and talent needed in web3 stretches far beyond the technical roles that you'd usually expect. We see projects and companies constantly looking for a range of skills and experience to fill their roles. 

We've met plenty of people who have switched up their paths. You may have a deep background in finance but now head up engineering. The possibilities truly are endless. 

What we're saying is to keep an open mind when it comes to hiring and applying within web3. The right role/project/candidate might be the one you never expected. As always, keep checking Web3nomads.Jobs to keep on top of our newest openings!

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