7 Job roles peculiar to crypto and web3 companies

Have you encountered a job position that seems unfamiliar or utterly unusual? Take, for instance, the role of a "Crypto evangelist”. These strange job roles arise because certain industries boast job roles that are unique to their domain. 

Similarly, if you identify as a digital nomad or freelancer on the hunt for freelance gigs, it's essential to recognize that you might encounter positions that don't precisely align with your past experiences but still demand skills within your area of expertise.

Cryptocurrency or the web3 world have quite a range of unique roles for those seeking blockchain remote jobs. 

In today’s article, we look at some of the top  cryptocurrency jobs that are peculiar to the crypto industry. If you are thinking about developing a cryptocurrency career, then consider looking into some of the blockchain jobs mentioned below. 

  1. Smart contract software engineer: Certainly, it's accurate that software engineers can be found in various tech sectors. However, in the realm of Blockchain, Smart contract developers stand out as significant players. They hold the essential expertise in specialized coding languages like solidity and rust, along with conventional coding skills. This combination empowers them to craft blockchain applications and engineer intelligent contracts with finesse.

  1. Smart contract Auditor: Those qualified for these job roles are responsible for ensuring that smart contracts are secure and functional. Smart contract auditors identify bugs and vulnerabilities or places of exploit in a smart contract code to prevent future hacks or attacks. Without these guys, interacting with protocols will be another episode of “Bird box”. 

  1. Crypto Evangelist: This job role requires a fusion of a marketing personnel and a PR officer. Their main function is to educate the public on the benefits of a particular project. They perform activities that aid the advertisement of the utility of a project, albeit, don’t mistake them for marketing professionals, even though a marketing manager can also be a crypto evangelist. 

  1. Governance coordinator: This is a job role that is peculiar to crypto, specifically to DeFi projects. This job role requires the personnel to keep track, manage, and facilitate governance events and discussions in a Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In turn, the governance coordinator is paid from the DAO treasury.  

  1. Yield farming specialist: If you have a degree in economics and finance, then you can easily adapt to this role when you combine your knowledge with an in-depth understanding of DeFi. This role requires the personnel to develop capital efficient strategies to maximize returns through yield farming. 

  1. DeFi protocol Economist: Who says you can’t combine your accounting skills and put them to good use in the blockchain ecosystem ? Well, meet the tokenomics engineer or protocol economist in charge of designing economic structures around tokens or cryptos, ensuring sustainability around incentives. 

  1. Flash loan arbitrageur: Ever heard of a short-term loan that can be paid back within the same transaction ? Well, this type of loan exists on the blockchain and is called a flash loan. An arbitrageur helps a protocol to execute profitable flash loans by identifying reliable opportunities where a flash loan transaction can be seamlessly executed. 

The above mentioned job roles are tailored for the blockchain sector. In addition to those highlighted, numerous others also exist. Alongside these roles, positions such as moderators, community managers, DevRel experts, UI/UX designers, marketing managers, and technical content writers—like myself—also play crucial roles in the cryptocurrency industry. Albeit, It's worth noting that these roles are also prevalent in non-blockchain companies.

If you’re looking to fill up any of the positions mentioned above, do yourself a favour and follow Web3nomadsjobs on X (Twitter), turn on notifications, and apply to any of the roles we repost from our Job board. But before that, ensure that you’re qualified for the roles by gaining the required knowledge and experience. 

Goodluck as you quest for a Job in the crypto space. 😉

This article was written by Excel “Ollie” Oliva —Ollie is a jolly good fellow exploring the wormhole of crypto and web3. He enjoys researching protocols and breaking down complex ideas into digestible chunks. Give the lad a follow on twitter or LinkedIn will ya?

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