Company Spotlight - Factor Dao

February 2, 2023


Web3nomads is looking at enhancing the recruiting process through our end-to-end service starting with our Company Spotlight series to help highlight the company itself and attract possible future employees.


We were joined by Roy (@Kurapika_DAO), one of the co-founders from Factor DAO, to talk about their current hiring positions as the project continues to grow and expand their already impressive team. 

Factor DAO itself will be a new product for DeFi for participants to build custom strategies, token baskets vaults and beyond for various companies that want to build an on-chain track record for their assets under management and need new levels of customisation for their investment strategies.

Roy comes from working 10 years in fin-tech with his role covering everything from machine learning to publicly traded assets. His journey into cryptocurrency has seen his involvement in advisory roles to help ICOs in 2017 and beyond to help cryptocurrency and DeFi develop into what it is today.  

Now his focus has turned to the inception of Factor DAO which has been building through the bear market and is now eight months into its development. 

The Big Questions

How does the Factor Dao team typically operate and work together?

The team currently consists of 10 individuals who work fully remotely and among themselves. They have a fresh and autonomous way of working in their collaborative and isochronic way, utilising various tools to communicate and collaborate daily no matter where they are working in the world. 

Each team member has a common goal and a shared, succinct vision of the project. This allows the current employees to enjoy complete autonomy and also the ability to work independently as needed to deliver what is required of them as they go full steam ahead into launch.

This approach has attracted the current talented team to work on the project at such an early stage and has benefited the early successes of the protocol 10-fold. 

One point to mention for Factor Dao is how this way of working has shone a light on the various mixed cultures, perspectives and methodologies. All of these have helped to move the protocol along and expand at a rapid rate but also pays testament to the vision of the founders and their diverse hiring approach.

Can you describe how it currently looks working for Factor Dao?

With the project co-founders coming from research backgrounds when it comes to finding the perfect candidate fit, the team takes an in-depth approach to recruitment and potential candidates.

That could be the individual's current outlook, how they usually work and their level of team working experience. As with a lot of DeFi, their members are working at the forefront of technology so this understanding needs to be accommodated and an open forum approach is very much valued as part of the team.

They have thrown away any legacy approach to the structure of the team with a very fluid and flexible outlook, driven by the vision to succeed and move away from traditional KPIs or strict working hours. 

Work-life balance is key and working towards the tasks at hand is just as important as the recognition for doing so which was firmly pointed out! When it comes to working together, this is where personality and drive pay dividends when fitting into the team as well as a large level of independence.

The flat structure consists of an overall knowledge base with some more experienced individuals and everyone pitches in to support the project where they can. The community also plays an important part to help the future of the product being a DAO and will help contribute to its progress when launched. 

What is the talent and experience balance of the team?

The team is naturally strongest within the tech side, however, non-tech roles are equally important to maximise the potential of the platform.

The overall vision is very much looking at getting the right integrations and partners from the outset as well as the integral infrastructure of the product and its execution layer which will be phased as the product is developed. 

The Factor DAO team do however, want to keep a few plans up their sleeves so stay tuned on how the protocol develops! 

They will be looking to launch soon enough with their fair launch model through Camelot DEX, a key partner which will be open to the public. With Audits being submitted and an alpha/beta version for community testing there is plenty in the pipeline.

Can you provide a brief overview of the Senior Dev role?

The current hire for a Senior Full-stack DeFi Engineer will have to be integral in their knowledge of ERC-4626, the tokenized vault standard that is customisable for infrastructure. 

It's largely new only being introduced approximately one year ago and is now only starting to be used by the likes of Yearn and Compound. Any hire would be helping to build and expand on top of it and make it more efficient as part of the protocol.

So any candidate taking up the mantle would be up for a big challenge with their involvement in developing the product with expertise in liquidity management and anything vault based.

What could the successful applicant expect upon starting with Factor Dao?

Due to the nature of scaling on a daily basis, it's all hands on deck to deliver. The team really need people who can embed themselves and get going from day 1 with not so much of an onboarding structure at this current time. A lot to ask but certainly very capable of many in the space.

The successful candidate would be able to execute independently and envision a way forward based on the fundamentals of being forward-thinking and efficient with their execution. 

Overall, they would be continually contributing to the approach of product development and supporting other teams with their wider skill set with communication amongst the team being massively important.

However a forward outlook for the team would be very much to to onboard a range of team members at different stages of their careers once Factor DAO is more established in its journey.

If you’d prefer to listen back to the full spaces, you can do it over on Twitter. You can check out the Factor Dao job posting here and follow the link to apply.