January 20, 2023

Tokenomics Lead at Popoo

We are seeking passionate, dedicated people to join as a Tokenomics Lead. As the Tokenomics Lead you will have the opportunity to grow our Token Economics team from the ground up. As the head of tokenomics, the focus will be on setting the successful implementation of the token economy and developing the road map to meet both the short and long-term needs of our rapidly growing platform. With knowledge of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, Defi, and NFT ecosystems and a never-ending curiosity to learn and master new technologies and practices. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in leading tokenomics projects, working cross-functionally, and assisting senior leadership in developing end-to-end tokenomics strategies.

Job Description

  • Analyse and calculate how the token will function in our game and staking functions
  • Analyse existing NFT projects and tokens to better determine how our token can function and work ingame and as a LP
  • Game theory analysis and its impact on tokenomics models
  • Development of macroeconomic agent-based models for testing tokenomics
  • Develop and prepare the overall tokenomics road-map for several projects
  • Support in writing of a whitepaper explaining the loyalty tokenomics
  • Model and calculate token financials, sensitivity, transaction amounts, supply, etc
  • Build out economic structures, and run simulations to account for all possible scenarios.
  • Support community management teams by explaining tokenomics to the community

Tokenomics Lead at Popoo

January 18, 2023 8:21 PM
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