February 3, 2023

Research Director (Cryptoeconomics) at Smith + Crown

Smith + Crown is dedicated to the study and design of cryptoeconomic systems, digital assets, and governance structures. For nearly a decade our team has been on the frontier of research in these fields, while working to actively explore practical applications of these insights with leading organizations from around the world. We are driven by a simple belief - that cryptoeconomics is civilization architecture - and that through our study and practice of this field of knowledge we can help maximize and amplify its positive impact. We work with select teams to guide them through the process of designing and structuring the assets, governance and mechanisms that best reflect and capture the goals of their organization and its key systems. Additionally we publish research across a wide range of emerging areas in cryptoeconomics. S+C’s research-focused internal culture is built around dual values of integrity and independence. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the hands-on design of cryptoeconomic systems, and efficiently communicating and discussing them with internal and external teams.


We are a long established organization with increasing demand for our unique expertise at a time in industry where it is desperately needed. We are looking for a candidate with hands-on industry experience in the research and design of decentralized mechanisms, governance systems and assets.

This individual will work closely with the leadership and research teams to help design and build a variety of cryptoeconomic and governance systems as well as asset structures. Additionally this role will involve the discussion and explanation of these systems both to internal project teams, and to our clients. This is a client-facing and internal coordination role, with both opportunities and expectations to contribute immediately.

Relevant experience is critical to perform well, with deep expertise as a differentiator. As important is a passion for the work - we are an impact driven organization with a deep belief in the importance of developing and sharing this research.

The ability to learn new industries, technologies, and incentive systems will be critical toward contributing intellectually to all facets of our work. This is an opportunity for an individual with intellectual curiosity, strong communication skills, and outstanding organizational skills to work alongside pioneers in this space. We are confident we can help the right person learn quickly while relying on them to expand our client engagement capabilities.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Working with teams that develop cryptoeconomic mechanics, systems, and analytical models for clients around the world
  • Serve as the most senior point of contact with clients, who exist all around the world and work in many different industries
  • Manage the delivery of cryptoeconomic models with in-depth discussion on features and trade-offs
  • Manage client workshop Q&A sessions
  • Mentor internal Research Analysts in their development of professional communication skills
  • Serve as peer review for technical work, such as Excel-based token models and architecture diagrams.
  • Expertise not required, but critical thinking is essential
  • Learn the cryptoeconomic design, incentive design, and both the permissioned and public blockchain industries

Note: the majority of the team is based between Pacific Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time. While candidates from all locations around the world will be considered, it will be expected that candidates can comfortably liaise with staff and clients during US business hours

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of professional experience (with at least 3+ years of experience on multiple crypto projects)
  • Familiarity with multiple industries and basic concepts in economics, finance, and technology
  • Blockchain knowledge will be critical for generating useful insights and learning quickly from a team with combined decades of this experience.
  • Belief in the potential of blockchain technology—ideally with a sober appreciation of current and future challenges. This is a must for having this job be enjoyable!
  • Ability to learn quickly (and enthusiastically): the amount of learning required in this space cannot be overstated
  • Uphold company values of integrity and independence
  • Independently driven - this role has high expectations for autonomy and responsibility
  • Submit both a cover letter and a resume in PDF form


  • Remote
  • Salary Range: $75-150k (fungible based on actual candidate experience and qualifications)
  • Opportunity to participate in business success via performance bonus
  • Benefits include health care and paid vacation/holidays with standard eligibility requirements

Research Director (Cryptoeconomics) at Smith + Crown

February 3, 2023 10:43 PM
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