May 19, 2023

Product Manager - Dinero at Redacted Cartel

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About Redacted

The Redacted ecosystem is a product suite of smart contracts empowering on-chain liquidity, governance, and cash flow for DeFi protocols. We've built two products inline with this mission: Hidden Hand and Pirex. As the protocol scales, the DAO embarks on its most ambitious release yet, DINERO, a permissionless stablecoin backed by user-owned blockspace on Ethereum mainnet. Users with Ether (“ETH”) can utilize the Dinero toolkit to stake their ETH and access a decentralized remote procedure call (“RPC”) that revolves around a stablecoin as a medium of exchange.

We look for a few things across all contributors we onboard at Redacted, regardless of role or team. First, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in our fast-paced work environment, where we default to quick iterations, critical thinking, and sound judgments because we play only to succeed. Second, we seek people with the desire to share their expertise and the capacity to extend their knowledge to drive innovation. Finally, we seek candidates who can commit to a greater goal; unite as a team to reach something no one could have done on their own.

About the role:

The Dinero Core team is the driving force behind expanding our reach and uncovering new opportunities for the Redacted protocol. As part of the BD team, you build and maintain strong relationships with key partners in the DeFi ecosystem, amongst integrators, stakers, and users.

You will lead the charge in identifying, driving, and expanding new opportunities across the board for both pxETH and DINERO. Internally, you will act as a bridge between the product and business development teams, fostering strong collaboration with your fellow DAO collaborators  in engineering, marketing, and policy.


  • Building upon and improving the Redacted integration strategy
  • Oversee end-to-end partner onboarding processes
  • Act as a bridge between the business development team and engineering
  • Maintain relationships with exchanges, market-makers and key investors
  • Represent Redacted during virtual & IRL events across the world
  • Providing data-driven insights into the BD team’s operations


  • 1+ years experience in DeFi business development
  • 2+ years experience (personal or professional) in stablecoins, LSDs, and on-chain liquidity management
  • Collaboration tooling proficiency (preferably Linear)
  • Experience running a structured growth process at a growing technology company
  • A successful track record in DeFi business development
  • Flexibility to work within EST time zone.

Product Manager - Dinero at Redacted Cartel

April 26, 2023 2:45 PM
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