June 7, 2023

Journalist and Newswriter at blocmates

Please note this is for a news role and not for long form technical content

We are looking for a few all-stars to join our team as we roll out our new product offering which is news. 

We are pretty sick of the way that news is delivered in the crypto space. It is riddled with connections to powerful corporations which use these agencies to spin their own narrative and more often than not get the facts completely wrong. 

This was our approach to research too and it has been a great success. Now, we want to replicate that success with news articles. 

This role will be expected to fill 2-3 short articles (300-500 words) on the breaking stories of the day 5 days a week. This will expand into every day as we take more writers on and will be a test case for the first few months. 

We would also encourage those with an investigative mind to find their own breaking stories to publish.

Again, like with all things at blocmates, we think we can deliver all the information in a tone that is enjoyable to read. People should read these pieces and know it’s coming from the blocmates platform. Enjoyable, witty and humorous when it can be. The days of old rigid media are gone. 

If you have experience in journalism and turning over large amounts of information quickly and precisely then you could have a role here. 

We are a relaxed bunch and aren’t sticklers about much but we need to get the correct information delivered, on-time and to the highest quality. 

We will start on a basic salary and if article quantity and quality quotas are met each month there will be a bonus. 

Please answer all questions in full and attach any relevant documents when applying through the link.

Applications sent through any other channels will not be accepted.

Journalist and Newswriter at blocmates

April 14, 2023 3:14 PM
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