May 19, 2023

Editor in Chief at BSC News

About Us

Founded in 2020, BSC News is a leading media platform covering the broader Web3 space. We cover a wide range of blockchain news revolving around various verticals on leading blockchains. BSC News aims to inform, educate and share information with the global investment community through our website, social media, newsletters, podcasts, research, and live ask me anything (AMA). Our content reaches hundreds of thousands of global investors who are active in Web3.

Our team strives to provide in-depth analysis, comprehensive data analysis, insightful opinion pieces, and constant reporting on the DeFi ecosystem through all avenues of media. We have established ourselves as a leading light in information across a burgeoning industry.

About the Role:

As the Editor in Chief of BSC News, you will have the opportunity to shape the narrative of the Web3 industry and help drive the conversation around the latest trends and innovations in the space. You will work alongside a team of passionate journalists and be responsible for guiding them to uncover exclusive stories and produce quality content that engages our growing audience.

In this role, you will have the freedom to be creative and innovative in your approach to storytelling, with the ability to experiment with new formats and techniques to capture the attention of our readers. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned professionals and other departments within the organization, to ensure that BSC News stays at the forefront of industry trends and continues to grow its influence in the space.

This is an exciting time to join BSC News, as the Web3 industry is experiencing explosive growth and there is an insatiable hunger for quality reporting and analysis. As the Editor in Chief, you will have the chance to help shape the conversation around this transformative technology and make a meaningful impact on the industry as a whole.


  • Uncovering exclusive stories and leading the conversation on social media around the topics
  • Leading a team of journalists, the editor will unearth, develop and inform a global community of readers
  • Directing content towards the vision of the company and reinforcing the ethos of the publication
  • Producing breaking news every day, hosting events, and offering quality content to thousands of subscribers
  • Harnessing the voice and platform that our publication has constructed in the industry
  • Approving pitches from journalists to be written and posted on the site and assisting in managing day-to-day writing assignments
  • Creating headlines, subheads, format editing, and more
  • Monitoring breaking news in the cryptocurrency industry by actively engaging in the Web3 space
  • Growing a digital audience by considering story selection, timing, headline writing, social media promotion, and SEO metrics
  • Leading regular meetings alongside the broader team
  • Leveraging relationships with sources to deliver content that differentiates the organization from competitors
  • Using social media to source and promote content and familiarity with applications like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Google Docs is a plus


  • Strong news judgment, competitive drive, and attention to detail in a fast-moving news environment
  • Experience in revising, editing, and assigning pitches to writers
  • A clear, engaging, jargon-free writing and editing style with familiarity and comfort with AP Style
  • Ability to grow a digital audience through various channels Strong communication skills, both written and verbal Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • At least 5 years of experience in journalism or related fields
  • Web3 native, aware of key narratives across the short lifespan of the industry
  • At least 4 years of editorial experience in Web3
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, or a related field

Editor in Chief at BSC News

May 3, 2023 10:30 PM
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