June 9, 2023

DeFi Quant (Risk) at karpatkey

At karpatkey, we’re looking for a DeFi Quant to join our Risk Management team, responsible for identifying, assessing, and controlling risks.


  • Build a Risk Scoring Model for DeFi investment projects;
  • Review new and existing DeFi projects and perform Quantitative and Qualitative risk assessments and ratings;
  • Work closely with the DeFi Investment team to help develop appropriate risk and control frameworks;
  • Identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities and propose mitigation strategies;
  • Generate and review risk measures, stress tests (eg. VAR) to ensure the business’s risk/return targets and goals are within appetite;
  • Develop proprietary, fundamentals based risk modelling tools and methodologies to analyse evolving markets and the impact on company businesses;
  • Develop and maintain a professional risk control environment that is conducted within risk limits, processes, and standards set for regulatory and operational risks of the company and as required by external Auditors/Examiners;
  • Responsible for the documentation of processes and procedures;
  • Keep track with the development of DeFi and Investment projects.


  • Strong educational background in analytical fields such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Quantitative Finance;
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in quantitative analytics and quantitative research;
  • Proficiency in Python programming language coding skills;
  • Experience building own tools/automations/market analysis;
  • Experience with numerical and statistical packages such as Pandas;
  • A solid understanding of DApps, Ethereum as well as Yield Farming;
  • Very good understanding of smart contracts technology;
  • Solid communication skills;
  • Abide by our values.


  • Home office;
  • Flexible hours;
  • PTO Benefits;
  • Yearly training budget;
  • Home-office equipment budget;
  • Bonus award.

DeFi Quant (Risk) at karpatkey

June 9, 2023 10:30 PM
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