August 28, 2023

Chief Marketing Officer at MiniMetamon™

Welcome to MiniMetamon™: a digital collection experience that places YOU at the helm. MiniMetamon™ is a first-of-its-kind on-chain adventure. Steer the course an immersive narrative, where the fate of Alterra rests on the decisions you and the community make along the way. Discover and collect the mysterious creatures who call this world home over the course of 10 unique minting windows. Journey through the world of Alterra while pursing the completion of three unique quests, Unlocking digital collectibles along the way as you discover a world filled with biologically diverse wildlife. Take pride in the fact that your on chain adventure is creating real-world change, saving habitats and educating the next generation. Our vision is to be a leading force in the transformation of the digital landscape, where MiniMetamon™ becomes synonymous with innovative storytelling, cutting-edge blockchain technologies, and community-empowered global experiences. We envision a future where MiniMetamon™ is at the forefront of inspiring and empowering individuals, educating and preserving the natural beauty of the world around us, shaping the web3 ecosystem, and redefining the possibilities of digital experiences.

Company Overview:

MiniMetamon™ is an first–of–its–kind digital collection experience, bringing the joy and nostalgia of monster-collecting directly to the blockchain. With a vision to reshape the digital narrative, our mission spans beyond the virtual world. We’re not just creating a game; we’re forging a new future where technology meets innovative and immersive storytelling, supporting habitat conservation, and powered by our community.

Position Overview:

As the Chief Marketing Officer, you will be a first-hire instrumental in defining and implementing our go-to-market strategy and initiatives in the web3 ecosystem. Given our unique market positioning, your role will focus on activating the web3 communities and ensuring that people know about our product and launches. You will communicate directly with the founder and must be capable of adapting strategies to meet the needs of the development team. This is a pivotal role, as you will be the mouthpiece of our company. Your role is one in which you must have an ability to communicate MiniMetamon™'s unique value proposition to the web3 world.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Web3 Community Engagement: Craft and implement strategies to engage, grow, and activate web3 communities, ensuring they are aligned with our brand ethos.


2. Strategic GTM Initiatives: Lead our go-to-market strategy, leveraging MiniMetamon’s unique position to drive user adoption and engagement.

3. Brand and Positioning: Continuously refine and position MiniMetamon™ as the new standard in the web3 collectibles.

4. Partnership Development: Identify and build relationships with key web3 partners, influencers, and communities to further our brand’s reach and influence.

5. Team Leadership: Lead and grow the marketing team, to ensure opportunities are realized, and deliverables do not fall on deaf ears.

6. Data-Driven Decisions: Use analytics and data insights to refine marketing strategies, optimize ROI, and ensure that our narrative resonates with the target audience.


1. Proven experience in a CMO or equivalent role, with significant exposure to the web3 ecosystem.


2. Strong understanding of blockchain technology, NFTs, and the decentralized landscape.

3. Exceptional leadership skills, with the ability to unite diverse teams under a singular vision.

4. A visionary, with a knack for identifying market trends and leveraging them for brand growth.

5. Strong networking skills, with existing relationships in the web3 community being a plus.

6. Passion for storytelling, conservation, and the transformational potential of blockchain technologies.

What We Offer:

  • A chance to pioneer new technologies.
  • A remote-first, flexible working environment.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits.

Join us as we steering the course of an immersive narrative, empowering communities, conserving wildlife habitats across the globe, and re-defining the heart of digital collectibles and the web3 ecosystem!

MiniMetamon™ is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Chief Marketing Officer at MiniMetamon™

August 27, 2023 2:31 PM
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