April 26, 2023

Applied Cryptography Researcher at Spacemesh

Spacemesh is a open-source software and all software work done for Spacemesh is contributed to the world under a permissive software license.

To get a full sense of our motivation, vision, scope, and values please available here.

If you want to work on a layer one project, and be at the forefront of the next major tech disruption – decentralized programmable money – apply to join us.

We are looking for an exceptional applied cryptography researcher to join our growing research team.

You will be able to enjoy:

  • A flat and fully remote structure, with team members in The United States, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, India, Taiwan, and more.
  • Open source exposure
  • flexible hours
  • regular research and developers sync-up
  • Full responsibility for the quality and delivery of major platform components
  • A chance to work closely with the Spacemesh world-class researchers Iddo Bentov
  • Working closely with the open-source community
  • A tokens package and a competitive salary


  • Evaluate the security and implementation correctness of open source crypto software components and libraries.
  • Provide concrete recommendations for improving the security, implementation correctness, and quality of these components.
  • Coordinate and incorporate feedback on tasks from other members of the Spacemesh research team.
  • Communicate protocol specification to the dev team and assist developing software requirements for implementation.

Sample Tasks:

  • Review the group arithmetic functions of a specific crypto library for implementation correctness of the theoretical constructs and operations, and recommend additional test cases to improve the library’s quality.
  • Review the implementation correctness and the security of a new key derivation algorithm for creating elliptic curve signature key pairs from a random seed algorithm, based on published research.

Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent advanced math skills.
  • Advanced degree in applied cryptography.
  • Good familiarity with the latest academic research applicable to blockchain security and cryptography.
  • Good knowledge of modern crypto primitives.
  • Good understanding of elliptic curve based cryptography, in particular, signature schemes.
  • Good knowledge of modern elliptic curve signature theory.
  • Skillful in python (for prototyping or communicate spec in pseudo code).
  • Comfortable reading C/C++, Go and Rust code

Think you are a good fit and excited to hear more? We’d love to hear from you.

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Applied Cryptography Researcher at Spacemesh

April 26, 2023 10:30 PM
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