December 13, 2022

Web3 Solutions Architect at Ava Labs

Want to be a part of the fastest-growing blockchain company? Ava Labs makes it simple to launch applications using Avalanche, the fastest and most scalable smart contract platform.Founded by the creators of Avalanche, Ava Labs strives to digitize every asset in the world. In addition to building Avalanche and other tools to support the ecosystem, we offer expertise to ensure that all individuals and organizations can seamlessly use Avalanche and its vibrant app ecosystem. Join us as we empower people to easily and freely digitize all the world’s assets on one open, programmable blockchain platform


  • Conceive, build, and launch new user-focused products, services and features that connect and grow the crypto economy
  • Work closely with the engineering teams to establish priorities and execute development roadmaps of your designs/architectures
  • Assess technical deployment obstacles for projects launching on Avalanche, while partnering with Ava Labs departmental leadership to build optimized solutions
  • Assist with technical project leadership/guidance while collaborating with BD, Marketing, Product and Engineering teams in areas such as web3 technical architectures and specifications. i.e. node infrastructure, smart contracts, security, full stack web development, etc
  • Take ownership of and manage deliverables/timelines for 2 to 3 projects simultaneously
  • Define and communicate clear project objectives/strategies for innovative R&D software products.  
  • Act as the technical voice of the product team when proposing new product strategies
  • Identify improvements and recommend solutions specific to various external stakeholder needs
  • Drive and facilitate conversations about future web3 advancements in decentralized ID, authentication, crypto payments, tokenomics, etc.
  • Identify, design and establish systems/processes that will aid in mass adoption of Ava Labs products by developers/builders


  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related discipline
  • 5+ years of experience in a hands-on engineering role
  • 3+ years of solutions architecture experience
  • Proven track record of leading projects with cross functional teams (product, engineering, finance, compliance, and support)
  • Go, C++, C, Solidity or similar programming languages
  • Experience with internal and external requirements gathering, customer feedback and requests.
  • Empathetic approach to advising partners/projects with their challenges/opportunities and prioritization of roadmaps to optimize results
  • Strong understanding of of web3 applications/architectures; including smart contracts
  • Familiarity with competitive technologies and cloud service architectures
  • Advanced knowledge of Avalanche platform infrastructure and Ava Labs tooling


  • Prior open source code contributions to AvlancheGo, GETH or similar open source projects
  • Virtual Machine experience (EVM | gETH)
  • Smart Contract development (Solidity, Manticore, Slither, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Engineering knowledge (Kubernetes, CICD, etc.)
  • Cloud Based Architectures (i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of cyber security  

Web3 Solutions Architect at Ava Labs

December 12, 2022 7:46 PM
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