June 24, 2023

Senior Front End Developer at Elys Network

Elys Network is in need of a strong front end developer as we near main net launch. We are searching for a strong front end dev to join us and assist with getting to MVP. Cosmos SDK experience is a plus.

Potential equity is available.

Elys is a DEX built with the Cosmos SDK that is structured unlike any DEX on the market right now, aimed on extremely easy onboarding of web2 users while having a sustainable non-inflationary revenue model right at launch.

Elys Network will be the DeFi platform with a UI/UX that simplifies the transition from Web2 to Web3 and capture the 99% of the population that hasn’t yet experienced DeFi.

We are in the final phases of our test net and will be integrating with the front end. Please reach out to find out more.

Senior Front End Developer at Elys Network

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