September 3, 2023

Senior Cryptography Engineer at GridPlus

Hi there. We’re GridPlus. We’re a small team of experts in decentralized networks, embedded firmware, and applied cryptography. We’ve built the world’s most secure and flexible cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the Lattice1, and we’d like your help in making it the world’s best tool for securely storing and using your crypto.

Founded in 2017, GridPlus is pioneering web3-focused hardware security through its cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the Lattice1. By joining GridPlus, you will have the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, significantly influence the cryptocurrency and web3 technology landscape, and contribute to shaping the future of our enterprise.

We offer a supportive and innovative environment, committed to lifelong learning and collaboration. Join us to amplify your career and make a notable impact on the advancement of cryptocurrency and web3 solutions.


We are seeking subject matter experts in cryptography who possess a deep understanding of how cryptographic protocols function. Cryptography engineers are responsible for guiding the efforts of firmware and full-stack developers who are implementing new features and software integrations for the Lattice1 family of devices.

Providing tools to empower users to self-custody their own cryptocurrency is a serious responsibility so it is important applicants for this role have a solid understanding of private key management, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain-specific security considerations.

  • Direct and advise firmware and software engineers’ implementation efforts pertaining to a cryptography and crypto protocol perspective.
  • Continuously stay apprised of recent developments and best practices in applied cryptography, key management, and blockchain security.
  • For a given protocol, an applicant should be able to look through the project’s documentation/code to do the following:
    • Determine which elliptic curve is being used to create public keys
    • Determine how to encode all address types
    • Find how transactions are constructed
    • Decode any serialized transaction data, such as ABI-encoded calldata

Our development stack includes embedded C firmware and a TypeScript SDK. Ideally, an applicant will contribute to both. Mastering C is not a requirement – you will just be helping firmware engineers implement specific crypto functionality.

  • For every new network we want to add the following items:
    • (SDK) Request public keys -> convert to addresses
    • (SDK) Receive transaction bytes, instantiate transaction and validate against reference TypeScript utils, serialize transaction and send to Lattice1
    • (Firmware) Implement new curve if needed (we already support SECP256K1, SECP256R1, ED25519, and BLS12-381)
    • (Firmware) Calculate public keys and add option to GetPublicKeys route
    • (Firmware) Decode and validate transaction bytes; render markdown-like text to represent the transaction in as human-readable a way as possible
    • (Firmware) Sign on curve and return signature

Your qualifications and experience:

  • Professional experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.
  • A deep understanding of software and hardware cryptocurrency wallets.
  • An up-to-the-minute understanding of major blockchain protocols, their roadmaps, proposed changes, etc.

GridPlus offers

  • A flexible remote work environment
  • Employee benefits for full-time employees
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Cash Compensation: $120,000 - $165,000
  • Equity Compensation: Up to 1% of stock options as of GridPlus’ latest 409A valuation
  • Work Location: Remote (UTC -9 and +1 is preferred)
  • Position Type: Full-Time

Location in a time zone between UTC -9 and +1 is desired.

How to apply

Interested? Send your resume to Please feel free to provide anything else you think is relevant such as coding samples (Github, Stackoverflow, etc.) or blog posts, we’d love to take a look!

Senior Cryptography Engineer at GridPlus

September 3, 2023 10:30 PM
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