July 8, 2024

Camp - Social Media at StripChain

Stripchain is an intent based interoperability protocol making chain abstraction a reality

The role

You should be crypto native. You should be in tune with the world of crypto. You should understand the crypto language. You should be good at being online. Most importantly you need to have to mentality of a growth hacker mindset. This role is quite broad and dynamic in nature.

  • You should have 5/10 technical know how of how this industry works
  • You should be up to date with everything in crypto

We are looking for moderators, social media managers, memers- anyone who will be willing to move the needle and spread the word.

This role of open to anyone who want to work at a startup and dip their toes in the exciting world of crypto.

We are open to hiring bilingual or multilingual people more. English is must.

Camp - Social Media at StripChain

July 8, 2024 10:30 PM
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